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What is Company TELEPLUS GSM CO LTD’s quality control?
               The quality control of our company is to follow the processes through programs, tools or techniques with the aim of improving the quality of the product or service.
               The objective of quality control is to ensure the continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.
               Quality is the most important factor for customers to prefer to us instead the competition. That is why when you work with quality control objectives, you must focus on customer satisfaction.
What does USED IPhone mean?
A device used iPhone is as the word describes it: it is a "Used" equipment, second hand. Some are very underused or heavily used equipment and therefore cannot be sold like new. They are 100% functional and released and can work anywhere in the world. All the used equipment undergoes a demanding quality control to ensure its correct operation in all its functions. Teams may have minimal aesthetic details. The quality equipment A, B and C have been renewed, according to their aesthetic aspect. TELEPLUS GSM CO LTD only sells A +, A and B quality equipment, so depending on the details they present in their physical appearance on the case or screen will be classified accordingly.
IPHONE Equipment's Classification

  1. A+ Grade Used and Tested HSO
  2. A+ Grade Used and Tested Full Kit
  3. A Grade Used and Tested HSO
  4. B Grade Used and Tested HSO
  5. (WA) A Grade Used and Tested with Box
  6. (WB) B Grade Used and Tested with Box
In the company a series of technical words are handled that will be necessary to have knowledge so that the labor functions can be understood more easily, among them are:
  1. Used A+ Grade:  Equipment in “perfect” condition. Like original one. That equipment is offered Hand set only (HSO) or with all its accessories: charger, USB cable, headphones and sealed pack box 1 year guarantee in EU and (C&F means shipping fee include). Unlocked Ready in everywhere.
  2. Used A Grade: Like new or "near mint" condition. The screen or housing not have been replaced. If there is any damage, it is minor and confined to signs of every-day wear.
  3. Used B Grade: Used or "good" condition. The screen and housing has not been replaced. There may be some cosmetic damage on the housing and screen, such as scratches and scuff marks.
  4. WA & WB - Means that equipment offered without accessories, only with its box, (International: 7 days guarantee).
  5. HSO - Equipment offered without the box and accessories, only the equipment on hand, (International: 1-month guarantee)
We sell with VAT MARGINAL, 3 MONTHS WARRANTY IN EUROPE and (C & F means shipping fee included). Unlocked ready in Europe and around the world. We sell with VAT and give the buyer a discount of € 4 when he creates his order note and provides VAT number. If the buyer does not provide the VAT number, he will be charged 21% VAT. If you place the order outside Europe, you do not need to provide the VAT number.
Importance TELEPLUS GSM CO LTD’s Quality Control
The customer is the one who dictates quality standards in your products and services. How is that? Well, the specifications that your customers demand, are born of your needs.
Every customer demand is a description of what your product or service should have. These demands are the quality parameters that should guide you. For example, the weight, the characteristics, the time of delivery, etc.
So if you have the guidance, why not adjust the processes of our company, products and services to the satisfaction of our customers.
Objectives of TELEPLUS GSM CO LTD’s Quality Control
The objectives of the quality control of our company should be:
  • Satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Determine the quality standards that the market expects.
  • Control the processes involved in the production of goods and services, in search of quality.
  • Establish an order in the interrelationship of the company's processes.
  • Perform follow-up on operations.
  • Detect, correct and prevent problems arising from the production process.
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