Product Return Plan and Policy

Product Return Plan

All requests for return are handled by the sales department. The Salesperson will review the issue and where appropriate discuss with the customer any details to help understand the issue and determine the cause of the issue. 

Based on the information received, the Sales Person will make a decision and agree on the outcome with the customer.

If the product is returned for replacement, credit or refund:

  • The product will be checked that it matches the description and quantity that the customer is expected to return. Any discrepancies will be resolved with the customer.
  • The product will be checked for the claimed issue in order to verify the customer’s claim. If the customer’s claim is correct, the Salesperson will approve and action the replacement, credit or refund.
  • The product received from the customer will be weighed in and the inventory system updated. If the product is to go to scrap, the FMMP shall be followed.

Furthermore, if the agreed action was to send replacement product, the inventory system will be likewise updated and the product returned to the customer.

If the issue that caused the return product was the fault ofTeLePlus Gsm Co LTD, the issue and the action taken to resolve the issue will also be entered into the corrective action process.

Product Return Policy

We offer a 30 day, money back guarantee, if you do not like the device. You must also return all the accessories, included with your item. As a one-time courtesy, we do not charge restocking fee. Any returns after that, will be a 10% restocking charge.


30 day hardware / software warranty. If hardware fails within 30 days of receiving the phone and there is no accidental damage, we will replace/repair it within 30 days at no cost to you. We will also fix software failure. Software modification, unauthorized hardware repair, water/physical damage are not covered. To be eligible for a return, item must be in the same condition that you received it in.

Your RMA request may be refused in the event of: 

- Any kind of "Touch ID issue" 

- iCloud locked  

- Passcode locked  

- Compass problems or any kind of problems caused by Apple Software 

- It is pre-opened or repaired by any other except TeLePLus GSM 

- Burned out pixel, points or scratches (this only applies to A, B and C grade) 

Make sure to submit your request first, otherwise if you send a product without a pre-filed request, your request will be rejected. 

In the event of any loss or damage in the return of the product, we will not be liable. 

Pay attention when you send a product to us, in the event you send it to another company or at the wrong address we will not be responsible. 

Please Request RMA form 

[email protected]

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